The First Hybrid Trading
Platform for Traditional
Stock Investors and
Crypto Traders

Zeus is based on the professional trading platform trusted by thousands of traders around the world. This will bring the experience and tools of classic trading into the world of crypto economics.

  • Shareholders deposit their assets into Zeus using the SPO (Secondary Public Offering) scheme

  • Crypto investors can buy and sell crypto shares for crypto currency (ETH and BTC) and profit from the exchange rate.

  • Shareholders receive a percentage of the commission from the daily turnover at Zeus.

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What can
Zeus offer

The Zeus investment portfolio consists of large, stable companies whose shares are valued at $5 or more, and have at least a $1 billion capitalization.
The shareholder agrees to ‘freeze’ his assets for a specified time in the Zeus system. As he receives traditional dividends from the assets, in addition, he receives a percentage from the daily turnover of the Zeus Trading Platform.
Each real share is divided into multiple smaller crypto shares; these smaller shares are affordable for almost any investor in the world.
Crypto shares can be called ‘the avatars’ of real shares.
They are supported by the stability of the base share, which makes the investor a virtual shareholder of this company in the crypto world of Zeus.
Crypto traders can buy and sell crypto shares on the exchange, earning money in crypto stocks as their price is similar to the price of a real deposited share.
The more crypto shares there are on Zeus, the better the correlation with the share price on the traditional market. Thus, as the hype and the number of crypto traders grows, Zeus will become a mirror of the world’s trading environment.
A formal contract with a broker ensures stability and protects against the unpredictable rate change volatility that is common in the existing crypto exchanges: each crypto share is bond to a real share in the traditional stock market.

Zeus for holders and
of securities


  • Receive profit from shares in addition to traditional dividends
  • Minimal risk: even with the recent drawdown in the securities market, revenue from Zeus turnover can cover loses.
  • Convenient share transfer process through an automatic brokerage protocol.

tailored for

  • Traditional investment funds
  • Brokers
  • Long term portfolio investors
  • Proprietary companies
  • Algo-traders
  • Daily and medium-term traders

Zeus for crypto investors


  • A small inbound threshold: the crypto share price should be the equivalent of $1 or less.
  • No special skills or licenses are required.
  • Reduction of volatility: crypto currencies are bound to real shares and are much more stable.
  • A user-friendly interface and set of powerful analytical tools never seen before in crypto economics.

tailored for

  • Major miners and crypto funds
  • Crypto traders
  • Proprietary companies
  • Algo-traders
  • Asian traders who have no access to US stock market

How does
Zeus work?

Project timeline

  1. September 2017

    Registration of the crypto-exchange (in Singapore)

  2. October 2017

    Registration of the brokerage
    (New York, USA)

  3. April 2018

    The exchanges go live and the crypto-platform is released

  4. July 2019

    Release of the decentralised exchange, based on blockchain

  5. 2020

    Opening of the marketplace for trading futures and stock options in cryptocurrency


Project founders have successfully created financial projects combining their experience in managing investment companies’ portfolios with their experience creating software for investors and automatic trading algorithms.

Our partners
  • Olga Duka
    Olga Duka
    Co-founder and CEO.
    Serial entrepreneur with strong product vision backed by 15 years of expertise in fintech, and in creative industries.
  • Sergey Litvin
    Sergey Litvin
    Co-Founder and CIO.
    ex-CEO of Casys Technology hedge fund. Extensive industry knowledge, backed by the investment vision.
  • Gennady Sorokopud
    Gennady Sorokopud
    Co-Founder and CTO.
    23 year experience in Fintech sphere, Development and deployment of unique set of short-term algorithmic strategies based on breakthrough in chaos theory, non-linear dynamics and neural networking..
  • Andrey Rinas
    Andrey Rinas
    Co-founder, IT-specialist.
    10 years of expertise in trading platforms & algorithmic trading, and risk-management systems.
  • Alexey Bazhenov
    Alexey Bazhenov
    Co-founder, IT-specialist.
    15 years of IT & analyst expertise applied to financial markets.
  • Alexander Tsyhlin
    Alexander Tsyhlin
    Co-Founder and CMO.
    10 years of stock market expertise, brokerage and retail finance, combined with marketing & communications experience in finance & fintech.
  • Viktor Artyuhov
    Viktor Artyuhov

How to invest in ZEUS

If you want to invest in our project - write us on and tell you contact details.
We will contact you next 24 hours..
A conservative estimate of the average annual income for token holders is up 111% for each of the next three years.
An realistic estimate is 223% per year.
An optimistic estimate is 450% per year.
Detailed calculations available in the Whitepaper.
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    Shares are traded in accordance with a formal agreement with US brokers using a special legal method of security transfer.


    Cryptoshares remain in circulation, while similar securities of equal value are purchased, or transferred from new portfolio investors, so that the number of real shares is similar to the number of cryptoshares.


    When you use fiat money, you buy cryptoshares paying a small commission (up to 0.15% of the transaction amount) and you can sell the cryptoshares for cryptocurrency and cash out. This mechanism allows you to transfer money to crypto currency and vice versa with a minimal commission.